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Remember When...© Interactive Programs for Adults

Remember When… offers an assortment of historic programming from independent/assisted living, nursing communities and area clubs, organizations libraries, etc. From the enormity of two world wars to a walk down memory lane in Grandma’s Attic and Grandpa’s Garage, audiences examine artifacts and memorabilia, share stories and Remember When…

Remember When… programs are available Monday-Friday (excluding holidays). Presentations are approximately one hour in length. As with all Remember When… Interactive Programs for Adults programs, audience participation is encouraged!

For pricing information for any of the programs listed below, please call 330.535.1120 or send an email to


Reliving Christmas Through Music©  

Begin the holiday season recognizing the background of various Christmas customs expressed through music.  Sing-a-long with lyrics that fill the holidays with understanding, harmony and good cheer.

World War I: Akron Over There©  

Young men from Summit County embark on what they anticipate will be a great adventure - WWI - and run head-on into the first total industrial war. Included is the equipment from real soldiers experience - such as helmets, gas mask, mess kit, and field jacket from "over there". Learn what it was like to spend time in the trenches.

Understanding the American Hobo© 

Power point presentation: Hobo, Tramp or Bum? Hobos had a code of ethics which was established in the late 1800s. They had their own expressions, words and phrases. Jungle- an area not far from the tracks where Hobos would camp and congregate, nickel note is a five dollar bill and possum meant to belly ride the roof of a passenger car. Did you know they have Hobo Conventions? This new Remember When... Program is not only entertaining, it's historic in content and a fascinating history lesson.

On the Home Front – The Many Hats of WWII©  

With the war, patriots young and old donned many hats as they labored, fought and sacrificed in their struggle to defeat the Axis Powers. Memories are stirred and stories shared as participants examine artifacts, photos, memorabilia and hats.

The Victorian Woman©  

From bonnets to corset, manners and flirtation to women’s right to vote, audiences step in to the world of their grandmothers and great grandmothers as the learn about the “proper” role of the Victorian woman.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention©  

This new outreach focuses on the every day inventions and the household names and the innovative people who care up with the ideas. Toasters, Life Saver Candy, Zippers, the “dreaded” TV remote and paper bags are just a few of the “take for granted” items that will be discussed.

History of the Victorian Valentine©  

The handmade Victorian Valentine, a romantic token of love, reached its Golden Age during the reign of Queen Victoria. Discover the “hidden secrets” of verse, learn about Penny Dredfuls and view a vintage collection of Valentines.

Happy Days are Here Again – The Baby Boom Years©  

This program takes us on a journey down memory lane. Photos, collectibles, music and memorabilia highlight the various forms of entertainment between 1946-1964. From Hula Hoops to Rock n’ Roll, Roy Rogers to drive-in movies and Dance Halls to noisy games of Yahtzee, we remember the lighter side of the Baby Boom Years!

The Doctor’s Black Bag, Home Remedies and Folk Lore©  

Remember doctors’ house calls, mustard plaster, the healing power of chickensoup and the many cures for “getting rid of warts”? And… what is the real story behind Lydia Pinkham and her “magical vegetable compounds”? These topics and more are bound to conjure up some interesting memories.

Lots of Locks – A Canal Story©  

A photographic Power Point presentation highlights the history of the Ohio and Erie Canal from its promising beginnings in 1825 to its fateful ending with the flood of 1913. Who built the canal and why was it built? What was it like living on a canal boat? These questions and more will be explored and answered during this program.

Grandma’s Attic/Grandpa’s Garage©  

Suitcases brimming with tools, clothing, sporting equipment, and miscellaneous treasures are sure to spark fond memories of yesteryear as we explore the nooks and crannies of Grandma’s Attic and Grandpa’s garage.