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Sights to See in Northampton Township

Adam House
1285 West Bath Road
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Adam donated 162 acres to the Akron Metropolitan Park District in 1967. The Adam’s purchased the property in 1916 and used it for their summer home. Through the years the farm became known as “Top O’the World” due to the great view over the countryside from the vantage of the old farm house. From 1968 until 1980, the Northampton Historical Society operated the Adam House as an 1840’s period house museum. The museum closed due to a loss of membership. The house was torn down in 2002, leaving only the barn. The surrounding acreage makes a great picnic grounds for the whole family.

Botzum Cemetery
Corner of West Bath and Yellow Creek Roads
This pioneer cemetery contains between 150 and 175 graves. Most burials were made in 1836 and were mostly children due to a hard winter. Inside the Botzum plot are the graves of John Botzum and family, pioneer settlers of the township. Years ago cattle grazed in the cemetery and knocked over the markers by rubbing against them. Vandals also did damage.

The cleaning and restoration of the cemetery was the first project of the newly formed Northampton Historical Society in 1967. The oldest stone was dated 1779, for a woman buried in 1863. The Northampton Historical Society placed a marker and a flagpole at the cemetery and erected a rail fence to mark the location of the final resting place of pioneers of the township. Currently a fund is being collected for maintenance and repair work to this area - please contact the Northampton Historical Society if you would like to help.