Tunnel Tours of the BF Goodrich Complex

Jan 12, 2019

(image: BFG Collection, University of Akron Archival Services

The Summit County Historical Society will be partnering with psychic and angel reader Laura Lyn on an adventure underground. This is a fundraiser for Akron/Canton area Homeless Agencies and Summit County Historical Society. Tickets are $45 each with tour times at 5 PM,  7 PM and 9 PM.  Go to https://www.angelreader.net/events to purchase tickets online.

For this special opportunity, participants will have a chance to learn more about Akron’s first rubber company through the connection of Akron’s founding family.  Colonel George Tod Perkins, eldest son of Col. Simon and Grace Perkins from Mutton Hill, represented the Akron Board of Trade to meet with Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich in New York to convince him to move his rubber factory to the banks of the Ohio & Erie Canal in Akron.

Psychic Medium Laura Lyn will lead your tour and point out major areas of activity to investigate. In her recent preliminary investigation of the tunnels, it is her opinion, “the whole tunnel system is ‘hot’ with high energy activity! These tunnels had to be put out of service a long time ago, but have their own stories to tell that have been locked up and forgotten!”

Guests are encouraged to bring their flashlights and cameras for this tour.  Parking is free. On the corner of West Bartges and South Main Street sits several Canal Place Buildings and the last driveway on South Main St. BEFORE you get to West Bartges (heading south on S. Main Street) is a driveway street by the name of Jackson Street. Jackson Street sits between buildings 1 and 2 on the left and building 17 on the right. Pull in between these buildings on Jackson Street and go straight back behind building 17 to any of the spaces to park your car. The entrance to the event is in building 1 and 2 that are joined together.