Cuyahoga Falls Historical Society
2083 Cook Street
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221

Every Monday (except holidays) 9-12
First and Third Sunday 2-4
Second and Fourth Saturday 2-4
For any other needs or to arrange a special tour call the society at 234-817-0132

Sights to See in Cuyahoga Falls

The Chapel at Oakwood Cemetery
2420 Oakwood Drive

Oakwood Cemetery Built in 1898, many of Cuyahoga Falls’ pioneers are buried in the Poet’s Hill area of the cemetery near Sixth Street. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Pilgrim United Church of Christ
130 Broad Blvd.
The Church is located on Broad Blvd., between Front and Second streets. The church was founded in 1834 and moved to its present building upon its completion in 1847. The church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Vaughn Mansion
122 Broad Blvd.
The house was built in 1879 on Broad Blvd., next to the Pilgrim Church by James Vaughn, co-founder of the Vaughn Machine Company. The house was occupied by Vaughn family members until 1958. Curtis and Ramussen Architects bought the property in 1970 and restored the house to its present condition for use as offices.

The Gorge Metropolitan Park
Front Street
The park runs along the Cuyahoga River south of the Sheraton. In 1759 a child, Mary Campbell, was captured in Pennsylvania by the Delaware Indians and brought to this cave overlooking the Cuyahoga River. She is said to be the first white person in the area. The cave, Mary Campbell’s Cave, is named for her and is located in the Gorge park.

Doodlebug Memorial Park
Front Street and Bailey Road

Doodlebug Memorial Park Was dedicated July 31, 2005 on the 65th anniversary of the Doodlebug crash where 43 people died after the commuter train collided with a freight train. The memorial was conceptualized, designed, and spearheaded by three former Sill Middle School students.

Cuyahoga Falls Historical Society Museum
2083 Cook Street

Cuyahoga Falls Historical Society Museum Incorporated in 1980, the Society preserves and collects historical items to promote interest in the city's history. The Society is open every Monday (except holidays) from 9-12, the first and third Sunday from 2-4, and the second and fourth Saturday from 2-4. For any other needs or to arrange a special tour call the society at 234-817-0132.