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Sights to See in Copley

Copley Train Depot and Caboose
Rt. 162 west of the circle
Built in 1891 or 1892 the Depot is an example of late Victorian architecture common in communities during the end of the 19th century. The caboose is from AC&Y Railroad and was made in 1949. It has been restored to its original condition.

Copley Cemetery
Rt. 162 just east of the Depot
Although used as a burial ground since the early 1820’s the Copley Township Cemetery was not acquired by the township until August 16, 1854. Joseph Starr sold slightly less than one acre of land “then used as a burying ground” to the Trustees for the consideration of $5.00 and then “erecting and keeping a perpetual fence around the plot and keeping the same in repair.” Less than two years later an additional acre was obtained for the much larger sum of $80.00. Over the years more adjacent land has been acquired to bring it to its present state.

Montrose Cemetery
Cleveland-Massillon Road just south of Market Street
It is known that Thomas Beckwith, the first “Chairman” of the Township, was the first “white” person to die within the township in June 1820 but it cannot be determined with certainty that he was buried here. However, it is presumed that Mr. Beckwith was buried in the Montrose Cemetery. Although burials were made prior to the year 1844, the Township never acquired any land for a cemetery until June 5th of that year when Joseph Hawkins deeded one-half acre. This conveyance covered a majority of the land now known as the Montrose Cemetery.

The Stimson Cemetery
Hametown Road, approximately two hundred yards north of the intersection of Hametown and Stimson Roads.
The property was transferred to Copley Township Trustees, Noah Robinson and Rudd Hopkins, and their successors in office forever, on April 3, 1841 for the sum of $25.00 by Robert and Polly Stimson. The earliest legible date of burial is that of Fanny Stimson on June 19, 1839.